An Update To Citibank’s Current American Airlines Credit Card Offers

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some changes to the credit card offers being shown on American Airlines’ website.  It wasn’t great news, the sign-up bonus on the MasterCard looked like it was dropping from 40,000 miles to 30,000 miles.

Shortly thereafter, I was connecting in DFW and came across yet another offer to throw into the mix.

Update To

So, it appears the best place to apply for the Citibank American Airlines card right now is actually at the airport.  5,000 extra miles, and you probably even get one of those water bottles in the picture.

But, if you don’t feel like flying to an American hub, I did come across the following offer in the American Way magazine:

Update To

I checked out the link and the offer is very similar to the original offers I posted about.  The card comes with a free checked bag and a $100 statement credit for AA purchases.  You need to spend $1500 to get the 35,000 mile bonus which seems like a breeze.

No referral credits, just a quick link to the AA website where you can find this offer.


UPDATE:  Gary of View From the Wing has pointed out a 40K offer for the MasterCard and an expired 50K offer (you can find that link on his site) that still works.


  1. I tried to get one of those water bottles a few weeks ago at DFW D by showing my current citi card… They wouldn’t oblige 🙂 new signups only.

      1. I was just denied a few weeks ago for applying too soon after closing my Exec card. But you’re right- I could have just applied in person for the water bottle; what was I thinking!?!?

  2. I just requalified for the personal citi visa a few weeks ago. I am new to churns. Can I apply for the citi mastercard or not yet? What about the requalifying for the business citi visa that I have had for a couple of years, should I wait on that too since i just applied for the personal visa? OR should I try a chase card for now? Would appreciate your input.

    1. Hallunda, there are reports that the old “two browser trick” is no longer working which, by proxy, means you probably can’t apply for the MC just after you applied for the personal visa. However, I think you’d be fine applying for the business visa.

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