United Announces A Handful Of New Routes

United has announced a handful of new domestic and international routes.

By hub, here are the new routes:

    Washington Dulles:

Guatemala City, Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica
Grand Rapids, MI


San Jose, Costa Rica
Fairbanks, Alaska




Fort MacMurray, Alberta
Santa Fe

    Los Angeles:


My own observations are:

I thought it was interesting that Dulles picked up the most new routes. Jeff Smisek recently commented on fortress hubs and left Dulles off that list. Good to see expansion out of my hometown airport.

Equally good is that the international routes out of IAD all get 737-800s with 16 seats in Business class. This beats the pants off the Newark-Edmonton route which gets an Airbus 319 with only 8 seats in domestic First Class.

I was pretty surprised UA didn’t serve Santa Fe out of Denver. This only gets a 50-seat regional jet, which makes sense since they serve Santa Fe from a few other places.

A little bit of candy for travel bugs at the end of the year. I may try and book a trip for the family to both Costa Rica and Vancouver. Mickie and I loved Vancouver when we visited a number of years ago.

What about you? What routes would you like to see UA add? What do you think of these additions?

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  1. I think they are already in a lot of routes I’m interested in. Can’t think of any other I’d like to see added. But then again, I’m not a frequent flyer like many others. I just fly for vacations twice a year.

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