A Couple Of Nuggets Courtesy Of View From The Wing

View From The Wing has two juicy tidbits today, one that was more affirmation of something I suspected, the other a bit of a surprise about an airline I spend a fair time flying and criticizing.

First, Gary notes that Hyatt has pretty much officially put Faster Free Nights to bed.  I’ve written about this in the past.  While I enjoyed participating in FFN, my feelings are the same as Gary’s.  I prefer to stockpile points to use when I have time.  FFN did represent an incredible amount of value for people who played it correctly.  And now, Jeff Zidell, VP of Hyatt Gold Passport, has confirmed it’s not coming back anytime soon.  Hyatt’s latest promo isn’t anywhere near as rewarding as FFN was, but I think it’s the best of what’s currently available.

Second, United has decided to reinstate the ability for customers to view fare classes on their website.  This is significant because when they removed the ability to see fare classes they also removed the ability to see how many seats were available for various types of upgrades.  Removing this information left a lot of savvy users guessing.  I have little faith that United will hit their self-imposed two week deadline, as deadlines haven’t really been there thing of late.  But, I’ll be happy to see this service come back.


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