More News On the American Airlines Front:Talks With US Airways And British Airways

View From the Wing posted a very detailed summary of the current “goings on” with American Airlines.

The big update here from my last post is that British Airways has confirmed their involvement in the process.  They’ve publicly stated they would be open to a stake in AA if that meant keeping them in the oneworld Alliance.  Now, it seems, they have officially signed an agreement to begin discussing the possibility of an investment.
Gary notes that he doesn’t think any deal will happen between US Airways and AA unless Doug Parker (Captain Crazy of US) gets to run the combined airline.  And, while past reports seem to indicate this is Doug’s preference, I wonder if maybe he’s finally gone too far with the merger talk to work his way back.  If AA does get some financial backing and come out of bankruptcy strong (which looks more likely every day) then they likely become the aggressor in a US/AA tie-up.   While I would never underestimate Doug’s ability to kill a deal, US Airways is a public company and it maybe in their best interest to merge even if Doug doesn’t get to fly the plane.

That would be a poetic ending to the story.

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