A Quick Walk Through An Example of a Mistake by an Airline That You Can Capitalize On

Lots of useful stuff on View From the Wing this week.

I’ve been able to catch quite a few mistake fares and other quirky sale options from the airlines and hotel chains over the years.  Due to work travel I’ve also had to let a bunch go by as well.  But, it’s always good to know what to be prepared for and what your rights are in different situations.

As a whole, airlines generally honor mistake fares.  It’s bad PR when they don’t.  Even so, they may attempt to deny these offers from time to time.

Gary chronicles a recent United website snafu that was honoring tickets to Hong Kong or connecting through Hong Kong for ONLY 4 MILES.

There’s an informative blow-by-blow update on View From the Wing to follow along.

UDPATE:  Gary has a second post about United’s public reply on these awards.

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