Today Was a Win In The Fight Against Cancer

I’m on my way back from Austin, Texas.  Randy Petersen and I showed up at LIVESTRONG headquarters today to discuss a bigger relationship between Milepoint and LIVESTRONG. We had in tow with us a check for $25,000 from the members of Milepoint.  The meeting went well, and the folks at LIVESTRONG were pretty surprised to see the check.

Fight Against Cancer

While we were there (as well as shortly after our departure), the good folks at LIVESTRONG were pretty active in social media talking about our donation.

ChrisB’s Twitter Pic

@jsavalon’s quick thoughts on our visit.

While I spend a lot of time talking about miles and points, cancer is something that weighs on me every day.  There are a lot of days that kick me in the teeth; today was a win.

Today I’m thinking of my Aunt Toni (who should have been laughing at a birthday celebration with us last week).  I’m also thinking of (in no specific order) our friend Lauren’s mom, my wife’s Aunt Alice, Randy’s mom (quote from him, “I’d give everything I have to spend one more minute with my mom”), our friend Derrick who’s successfully fought through treatment more times than I can count over the past 10 years and countless other family and friends we’ve lost along the way.

One of the most remarkable elements of raising funds at Milepoint events has been the personal stories people have shared with me about loved ones they’ve lost or battles they’ve fought and won against cancer.  I am amazed at the outpouring of financial support from our community.  To everyone that has supported these efforts, you have my profound thanks.

The battle against cancer brings me to tears too often.  Today, they’re good tears.


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