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How Much Would I Pay To Have Jillian Michaels Make Me Cry? Hyatt Releases New Partnership For Experiences

Are you interested in working out with Jillian Michael (kinda scares a wimp like me)? How about meeting Tom Bergeron of Dancing With The Stars or the Mondavi family? You can do all these things, but at a hefty price.

My Conversation With Hyatt Hotel’s New Head Of Loyalty, Mark Vondrasek

When I read the reports of other bloggers about their conversations with the new head of loyalty at Hyatt, I thought I needed to take a different tact. Since most people spoke to him around the same time, the questions were similar. Will there be changes to the mid-tier? What about the expiration dates on free nights?

I chose to try to engage Mark on core values, vision for the program. I avoided too much in the way of defining one benefit or change. After one week on the job, there just aren’t likely to be concrete answers on very specific issues.

I enjoyed my conversation with Mark. Whether we learned a lot of new information is up to you to determine.