Have You Voted For Your Favorite Airline and Hotel Yet?

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It’s that time of year again.  Since 1988 the Freddie Awards have been the voice of the frequent traveler.  No panels of experts, just you and I voting on our favorite hotels and airlines.   Millions of votes were cast last year and voting is already under way this year.  I’ve been helping organize the voting and award ceremony for the last few years and it’s always a blast to see who the frequent traveler thinks is the best in any given year.  Last year, I was surprised to see […]

Did You Win $200 In Free Hotel Cash?

Thanks to everyone who participated in the hotel cash giveaway.  And, a big thanks to the folks at StayFaster for putting up the $200, which makes a nice gift for one of my readers.  Just in time for the holidays, the randomly selected winner of the $200 in free hotel cash is Clare N, who left the following comment: My friend and I still laugh over the time I did a rewards booking at the Holiday Inn in Waikiki. Every time I collected enough IHG points, I had booked a few […]

Hotel Review: Sheraton Mahwah, New Jersey


Not every hotel stay is a glamorous one.  In recognition of that, I’m trying to document some of our regular people “non-luxury” stays since that’s most of where we travel to.  You’ll find a more complete set of information on my hotel reviews page.  In this case, we were on our way up to the Equinox Resort in Vermont with some tentative plans to visit family along the way.  So, we chose to drive as opposed to flying and we’re looking for an intermediate stop along the way. This was certainly what […]

Milepoint Members Enjoy A Hyatt Happy Hour

What do you get when one of the most likable executives in the travel industry invites 25 or so frequent travelers to come have a drink?  The Milepoint/Hyatt Happy Hour. No question I’m a Hyatt HomerTM.  But I think the attendees at this event would all tell you Hyatt threw a good party.  Jeff Zidell, the VP of Hyatt Gold Passport, reached out to Milepoint a few months ago with the idea to throw a small party exclusive to Milepoint members so the folks at Gold Passport could spend more […]

PointsHound 1,000 Point Bonus Until End Of January

PointsHound has an offer out today for a 1,000 point bonus on any booking 3 days or longer.   1,000 points is a nice bonus but this promo is a bit more targeted based on the longer stay requirement. I earned over 15,000 miles from PointsHound last year and probably could have earned quite a bit more if I was a bit more flexible.  I want elite recognition for my stays with chains like Hyatt and Starwood, so if a Double Dip rate isn’t available on PointsHound I’m not booking […]

Tomorrow Is The Last Day To Book Hyatt Awards At The Old Prices

January 6th is the last day you can book an award night at a Hyatt hotel before they raise the price of most redemptions. Hyatt gave everyone notification just about 2 months ago that the new rates would go into affect on January 7th, 2014.  One of the more significant parts of the announcement was the introduction of a new top redemption category (7).  Properties moving from category 6 to 7 saw the biggest increases, at 36%.  But, it only affects a small number of properties:   That being said, […]