First Class

American Rewarding High-Spending Customers Even More

American Airlines is further upping its game in an effort to retain and attract top elite members.  Earlier this week they announced a program to award bonus elite-qualifying points (EQP) to customers who buy first and business class tickets.  For customers buying the most expensive tickets, the earning rate is double the normal amount. Discounted First and Business class tickets will earn an extra half EQP per mile flown. Full-fare First and Business class tickets will earn 1.5 extra EQPs per mile flown. The program runs through the end of […]

Did You Get An $85 First-Class European Ticket This Morning?

Every time I talk to someone who’s disappointed they missed out on “the most incredible mistake fare in the entire world ” I tell them there will be another one. Most folks don’t believe me. Until the next one comes along. Like today. I first saw it on View From The Wing. It appeared to be a pricing error, possibly due to currency conversions. The fares were pricing under $100 round-trip in Business Class and First Class from Europe to the US. The availability on this was amazing. I saw […]

A (Somewhat) Typical Business Travel Day

Some people think that my travel life is all sunshine and roses.  Sure, they think, maybe it can be a drag from time to time to travel for work, but you get to visit all these cool places!  Yes, the vacations can be tons of fun.  And, sometimes work travel is fun. Just not as often as you might think.  I decided to log one of my recent travel days from start to finish to give a bit of an inside view to the “glamour” that is my travel life. In […]