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What If Your Credit Card Doesn’t Work When You’re Traveling Internationally?

What do you do when your credit card doesn’t work when you travel to a foreign country?  An odd set of circumstances happened to a friend of mine recent when he took a trip to Mexico with his wife. His reservation was with a property in Cancun that’s part of a very well-known international chain, a property I’ve actually contemplated staying at myself.  Upon check-in, his bank declined the pre-authorization on his credit card.  He tried contacting his bank and they said they could open the card for a one-time […]

Like MileagePlus Cards On Facebook And Get….

I have no idea.  I saw the following button when I logged into my United Airlines MileagePlus account this morning. Might be new, or I might have missed it during previous trips to the website.  It doesn’t stand out too much on the page. So, I bit.  I clicked over to their Facebook page and liked it.  Nothing happened.  In fairness, it’s only been about an hour.  I don’t see any notes on their page about what you get in return, nor have I received any FB message or e-mail. […]

Citibank Now Offering a 100,000 Mile Sign-up Bonus For American Airlines Executive Card

It was literally a couple days ago when rumors of a 75,000 mile sign-up bonus for the Citi Executive card surfaced.  That’s one of the highest bonuses I’ve seen in a while, but apparently it’s been trumped. There’s now a 100,000 mile sign-up offer and it actually has a landing page where you can verify the offer. Some folks have already applied for and received the offer and confirmed it with Citibank via phone. Others, like Pizza In Motion reader ncsam, applied for the 75K offer and tried to get Citi to upgrade […]