20% Discount on iTunes Gift Cards

Costco is having an even bigger sale than the last one on iTunes gift cards for the next ten days.  A $100 pack of iTunes gift cards is $79.49 through December 1st: That amounts to a 20% discount, and you can still get another 2% off if you’re a Costco Executive Club member.  Apple rarely discounts their merchandise, especially gift cards.  But, Costco has had two great discounts since starting to carry Apple products again this summer. If you’re on my Christmas list and have an iPhone, at least you know […]

15% iTunes Discount Through August 31, 2014

I was actually pretty surprised to see this sign when I walked into Costco yesterday.     Costco had a huge display of iTunes gift cards.  The “list” price was $94.49, a 5% discount.  But, through the end of the month, they’re featuring a $10 manufacturer rebate, bringing the price down to $84.49, or a 15% discount.  That’s the biggest discount I’ve ever seen on iTunes cards. The “limit” is 3 $100 packs per transaction, but they’ll let you do multiple transactions at the register. For a long time, Costco […]

Bonus Points From Southwest For Purchasing Marriott Gift Cards

Southwest Rapid Rewards and Marriott are teaming up this month to offer bonus points on gift card purchases.   Purchase link here. Buying gift cards at a discount (or earning bonus points) is a solid way to save on travel. I remember stocking up on Hyatt gift cards when they were a 22% savings purchasing at Costco. American ran a similar promo last year as well. If you have a Chase Sapphire or Ink credit card, you can buy gift cards at an office supply store for 5 points per […]

A Different Kind Of Travel Tip

What can I say?  I like to fly.  I don’t just like to fly for the convenience.  Even in today’s world of reduced comfort while flying, there’s a romance to the adventure of getting on a plane.  The idea of sitting down somewhere and appearing halfway around the world in 10 hours has equal appeal to being 1,000 miles away in just a few hours.  It’s fun to explore. Because of that and the normal dreary nature of car travel, I rarely get behind the wheel for long trips.  Traffic […]

Highest Mileage Earning Rate For Snapfish I’ve Seen

Sites like Snapfish are an integral part of being a parent.  I can’t say I patronize Snapfish myself.  I’m sure I’ve logged in at some point, but Snapfish is really my wife’s domain.  And, right now they’re offering 14 miles per dollar for every dollar you spend with them through the American Airlines AADvantage shopping mall. It’s only through January 19th, but if you have any pending purchases for Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc, this is the best offer I’m aware of. My wife puts together a calendar with pictures of the […]