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Pizza Week In Review For Sunday, January 17th

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Given my recent travel craziness, I found myself with a rare week at home.  I still ended up at an airport to try and work on an airline ticket that I couldn’t change over the phone and we did the kids skiing, but the rest of the week was work.  You’d never know it based on how bad my desk looks. Anyways, in case you missed anything, here’s what I covered on the blog this week: Most Popular Post of the Week: Hotel Workers Can Hear You Having Sex And Other […]

News And Notes For Friday, January 11th, 2013

Out of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show comes a gadget for travelers who like to check a bag when they travel.  I hate checking bags, so this probably isn’t for me.  TrakDot is a small gadget that goes in your suitcase when you travel.  A smartphone app allows you to see where your bag is in the event it doesn’t drop onto the baggage claim belt like it’s supposed to.  The device is supposed to retail at $50 with a small annual fee.  I see a few issues here: 1.  […]