Boeing 737 MAX

Airlines Are Taking Away Legroom. How Far Will This Go?

If you’re taller than me, you’re probably not going to like the latest changes the airlines are planning. Air travel is about to get a bit less comfortable for all of us. Given all the negative changes over the last few years, that almost doesn’t seem possible.

A Few Airline Updates

USAirways announces it’s now a creditor of American Airlines’ parent AMR. Talk about a tale of two articles.  The first one makes it sound like US Airways might change it’s “support” of AMR in the bankruptcy process if it doesn’t consider a merger.  The second one contends that the piece is so small ($1MM in bonds) that it entitles US Airways to no special part of the process. Based on the sheer amount of debt AMR has, I believe the second article is correct.  US Airways isn’t going to get any special […]