People Aren’t Signing Up For Credit Cards Offered By American And United Airlines. Here’s My Opinion Why Not

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American Airlines and United Airlines are both suffering from unexpected drops in credit card sign-ups. That makes a big difference to their bottom line. Here’s why they’re having problems.

Man Dragged Off United Flight Kicking And Screaming, Earns $800 In Free Travel

Steward and passengers on commercial airplane.

There’s one cardinal rule of flying today.  No matter whether you’re right or wrong, when the flight crew tells you it’s time to get off the plane, you need to go.  A man decided that wasn’t the best course of action recently.  He was forcibly removed. The video below is making the rounds on the Internet: The Back Story Thanks to my friend Stefan for sending this article over earlier this morning.  This gentleman’s flight was oversold.  United asked for volunteers, offering a $400 voucher to take a later flight. […]