Do Something Good Today

Respect For Service And Sacrifice

I was clearing security in an airport on my way home this morning, eager to see my family after a few days away.  I miss them when I’m gone, which likely comes as no surprise to those that read my blog on a regular basis.  Even though I spend a good portion of time away from the family, I’m lucky. As I headed up the escalator towards security, a handful of military folks in uniform hopped on the escalator in front of me.  At the top, they headed off to […]

The People That Shape Our Lives

I hope you’ll allow me a moment to veer off course. I’m thankful that you choose to read my blog every day, and I’m happy to share travel knowledge freely with all of you.  This post will be a brief break from my normal travel topics.  They say one of the surest ways to chase your readers away is to change topics, not have a focus.  I realize that, but occasionally there are other things to say.  Don’t worry, I promise the next post will be about miles and points. […]