50% Off Laptop Bags And Backpacks Via Amazon’s Deal of the Day

Amazon is having a one-day sale on laptops and backpacks today. I’m guessing it’s somewhat for back-to-school, but there are a handful of “adult” bags mixed in.  Here are a few examples:

Victorinox Architecture Urban Rath Laptop Backpack for $84.99

Calvin Klein Flatiron 3.0 Messenger Laptop Bag for $32.30

Ful Hexar Padded Laptop Backpack for $37.49

Everest Sling Bag for $11.30

SwissGear Black 19″ Backpack for $45.00

The Final Two Pennies

These are just the styles of bags I prefer.  There are plenty of other brands and styles on sale.  A couple of things to be cautious of:

  1. I don’t currently track prices for these bags, so I don’t know what the “absolute low” is.  Some aren’t 50% off, even though Amazon positions the sale that way.
  2. In some cases, only certain colors are on sale.  This is pretty normal for Amazon sales.

I’ve owned a number of Swiss Gear bags over the years and really appreciate the quality of their backpacks given the price.  They won’t last forever, but they’re a couple hundred dollars cheaper than true heavy-duty bags.  Ful is a really popular brand I’ve never tested.  I’m pretty sure I’m buying one of the sling bags.   I attend conferences where I don’t want to carry a full backpack but still need to bring a few things with me.  I’ve struggled finding the right bag for that.

Keep in mind these sale prices are only today.  And, the links above are referral links for me.  That means I earn a small commission if you purchase through one of my links.  I appreciate your support if you do!

Happy Hunting!

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