10 Most Popular Posts In February On Pizza In Motion

Running a bit behind from being sick, but here are the 10 most popular posts from the blog in February:

10.  Free lingerie and $75 off a hotel booking squeaks into the top 10.

Screenshot 2016-03-05 22.04.49

9.  Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Battered By Intense Storm.

First passengers arriving at Newest Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship-Quantum

8.  Frontier is the airline to consider if you want to fly somewhere to go skiing (a bit surprisingly).

Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-214

7.  Posted on the last day of the month, my giveaway for a free weekend at a great hotel in San Francisco still managed to make the list.  And, you still have time to enter!

Palace Hotel San Francisco Exterior-1

6.  My post about being “travel compatible” with your significant other was popular (and got the family picture in the WSJ!).  My wife offered her opinion on the other side of hair dryers, curlers and 12 pairs of shoes.

Hanging At the Airport

Hanging At the Airport

5.  A pretty cool app for AvGeeks!

Screenshot 2016-02-23 20.02.45

4.  One of the Most Awesome Plane Videos Ever!

Screenshot 2016-03-06 08.42.15

3.  Free Gogo In-Flight Internet 10 Packs Given Away Daily!

Gogo Plane 2

2.  A Quick Look Inside the Airline Benefit 99.9% of us Will Never Get.

Global Services 2016

And, the most popular post of the month…these funny exchanges between pilots and air traffic controllers.

Thanks for helping to make February a record-breaking month on Pizza in Motion!

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