15% iTunes Discount Through August 31, 2014

I was actually pretty surprised to see this sign when I walked into Costco yesterday.




Costco had a huge display of iTunes gift cards.  The “list” price was $94.49, a 5% discount.  But, through the end of the month, they’re featuring a $10 manufacturer rebate, bringing the price down to $84.49, or a 15% discount.  That’s the biggest discount I’ve ever seen on iTunes cards.

The “limit” is 3 $100 packs per transaction, but they’ll let you do multiple transactions at the register.

For a long time, Costco hasn’t carried Apple products.  There was a dispute a number of years ago between the two on pricing and the rumor is that Apple yanked all their products.  Well, they’re back now, with a sizable iPad and iPod display.  The discounts on those devices are all less than 10% but at least readily available for gift giving.


  1. Groupon has 33% off deal for iTunes $15 credit for $10 right now plus you can go through a shopping portal for larger savings. It is limit one per customer though.

    1. That’s a good deal, though a much smaller quantity. The Costco deal is essentially limitless. The discount is limited to 3 packs per transaction, but they’ll let you do multiple transactions.

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