Winning Captions Get $5 In Starbucks Cash

Since I’m still typing one-handed it’s tougher to bang out longer posts.  To keep things fun, I figured I’d give away a $5 Starbucks gift card per my ongoing Tweet A Coffee adventure.  So, tweet your caption suggestions for the picture of our puppy below to @pizzainmotion



If you don’t use Twitter, you can leave an old-fashioned comment here, but Tweeting a coffee is easier.


  1. “I’ve got my iPad charging and my iPhone charging, but that lazy flight attendant hasn’t been around to refresh my water in hours!”

  2. Getting ready for my iah-HNL on a ghetto 777-200 where there is no overhead Tv, no power plugs and intermittent streaming video.

  3. Puppies these days… They never call, they never text, they never FB me… Sigh, I have all these shoes and no one to chew them with…

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